View Full Version : ytmnd dead :{

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  1. nigger dick shits
  2. nice dead forum
  3. <3
  4. sup yall
  5. i dont really need to be admin
  6. baby dont hurt me
  7. OK I'm back
  8. How could you possibly let stomple ruin this already?
  9. RUBYNET is quite possibly the most important forum on the internet now
  10. It's official I'm going to suck Ruby's dick it's just a question of when
  11. owning a forum is hard work phew
  12. What ae your feelings about rubycalaber?
  14. omfg
  15. nice dead forums
  16. nice dad forum
  17. panic at FJS as rubynet becomes de facto ytmnsfw offshoot forum
  18. ruby we need a blackie on the forum so no once can call us racist for saying nigger
  19. there is a certain type of red latex paint that smells exactly like a dirty mexican r
  20. um
  21. Bulk Youtube PVA
  23. anybody wanna play minecraft?
  25. ruby please make this the bottom picture until dec 26th
  26. time for image links
  27. god damn whites
  28. HOWARD have u had lunch with Ron Paul
  29. Best poster of 2011 goes to VIAGRA
  31. since internutt the gook has not come back yet here's a food thread(sandwich inside)
  33. Dear Leader is dead
  34. i dont know any of you
  35. &#
  36. And now, intermission
  37. I am Doctor Remulak.
  38. Who likes Faggots?
  39. What's for dinner?
  40. That's right its official, The God Tank is back in <all right vampires rule>
  41. Are you guys really ok with the quality of this place?
  42. fjs wins again
  43. broke the forum for a second
  44. I'm glad Obnoxious Bitch is posting here
  45. stompleb has been bothering me on steam again
  46. welcome to the new http://www.funnyjokessquad.com !
  47. merry whatever, you crazy bastards
  48. What's with Negros and Air Jordan's?
  49. Merry xmas guys
  50. CHRISTMAS EVE TINYCHAT - http://tinychat.com/ytmnsfw
  52. does ooble still post here or now
  53. Depressed Christmas
  54. kwanzaa starts tomorrow
  55. ob we're the only people online so itt I try to help you
  56. Ruby your bro dr Shepard beat a hoe
  57. we need a new thread
  58. Suave
  59. itt tell me wtf is goging on.................. (ty in advan)
  60. ytmnsfw has fallen. Long live YTmnsfW.
  61. God bless Rubycalaber
  62. is the title of this forum a reference to what dickmilk did to the ytmnd forum?
  63. Me loves you long time
  64. Saints Row: The Third Co-OP..........................................................
  65. First person shooters and gta all suck on ps3
  66. Who has Modern Watfare 3 or Halo CE Anniversary?
  67. Java is awful
  68. Don't you dare say Julian is a gay name
  69. I just found a walkthrough that will ruin clay's life
  70. something feels.... off... about this new forum, even though it is basically the same
  71. bump this thread every time garfield or stompleb post unhindered in tese free forums
  72. WELCOME ROFLBROTHEL (aka marnie )
  74. Wtf? someone hacked Plug Drugs
  75. A question about C
  76. hurr im a retard and i use the same password on all my website
  77. thnx faggotchat!
  78. Welcome to our newest member, Array
  79. i think the lizards left
  80. how many of you are spending nye on the forumz?
  81. Welcome to our newest member, gush
  82. nice active forum homie
  83. did the facebook/ytmnd transaction go through
  84. I am Doctor Remulak.
  85. m0nde resolutions: mom hunter
  86. hey
  87. do you ever make such a good post in someone's thread that you think afterwards that
  88. fanfare resolutions 2012: i want to feel something
  89. for sale: my fucking skateboard
  90. i resolve to stop smoking metal shavings
  91. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_reptilian_humanoids
  92. my holy grails
  93. Make a group or join a group, It does not really matter anyways since all this is a
  94. hey its a new year
  95. Barry should hook up with Obnoxious Bitch
  97. A new year, a new chance for everything to change, new forum
  98. if u dont have gold guns i feel bad for you son
  99. ATTN: NEW POSTERS... "LOL" in capitals... is not rly lagfing at your post.. its makin
  100. New forum rule: you are not allowed to comment on another poster's posting style unti
  101. lol what the fuck happened
  102. another thread about fjs
  103. claymores are my game
  104. what new opportunities do i have to use :lizard: ?
  105. Steam holiday deals whut your deal
  106. Autoplay youtubes
  107. gotto go real life happens early
  108. ya I hacked fjs what of it
  109. bump this thread everytime you get a gold gun
  110. Who is buying me subscriptions to black enterprise magazine?
  111. Think Steveyos read this before getting a bunch of Alpacas?
  112. i live in iowa who should I
  113. Didn't know this place could get worse
  114. fellate me
  115. what are you attracted to?
  116. a contract will not hold up if it is written to facilitate fraud
  117. wheres fjs
  118. This is what i see when i actually read an OB post
  119. This forum
  120. mOnde
  121. 3. nothings wrong with me
  122. Anyone Seen any good films lately ?
  123. bunch of lame faggots
  124. Flint Mich
  125. paid parking ticket with 4 mins to spare
  126. heh
  127. rubycalaber dox
  128. HEY GUYS
  129. 2. I visit this site every day
  130. fairly advanced technique
  131. are kids small or are they just far away?
  132. can I make the moon closer?
  133. minecraft is coming to xbox360
  134. oh hey guys
  135. monde my kid is graduating kindergarten in a few months will you be able to attend
  136. Guy challenges someone to 1v1 DOTA2, dodges, and then insists I post here
  137. Calling you out MacLeod
  138. www.bostonlove.com broken?!
  139. Pascal's triangle
  140. monde, why in the fuck did you go to ambercrombies wedding
  141. Pizza is good food
  142. since i constantly masturbate in the shower, shouldn't there be more fish
  143. bump this thread everytime you get a gold gun
  144. Norwegian Wood
  145. Did you search for the word Jew on Google?
  146. fingered my fourth butt last night
  147. Fat Jew Shits own welfare leach gout ridden steveys dox drop
  148. hey incase you are wondering where monde is
  149. Morning tide waves reflecting the still orange streetlights
  150. Great News
  151. "s" is for swampass
  152. Stop Posting Garbage! - The Problem and Its Solution, a Tweaker-Thesis by Plug Drugs
  153. lol this forum is deader than ever
  154. LSU Fucking destroyed.
  155. here to save the forum
  156. high of +6C on jan 10th
  157. guess i'll make a thread
  158. Who loves the TSA?
  159. Political thread
  160. Famous Quotes of 2011
  161. I live on the Faroe Islands
  162. Classic Southern Hip Hop.
  163. ron paul tells noobs to gtfo
  165. what now
  166. ugly bitches
  167. Some real shit from ya boi Blaze Master
  168. Jon, help please.
  169. Minecraft Server
  170. damn didnt know bitch niggas were gonna talk shit #iaintlyin
  171. i eat a kilo of bacon every week
  172. some people have a lot of nerve
  173. Lizard in da hood
  174. monde
  175. TNT are the WORST courier service in the world
  176. is anyone playing BF3 right now
  177. Ruby
  178. ytmnsfw no longer controlled by jews
  179. how do all these websites know what kind of stuff i like all the time?
  180. pooping with my jacket on
  181. monde when are you going to have children?
  182. guess whats going to happen next
  184. which is a worse song?
  185. there is no oxygen in space so fire can't burn, so obviously the sun can't exist
  186. I accidentally fingered my own arse.
  187. Black youff's
  188. MLK day thread | "I have a nightmare"
  189. Good afternoon gentleman
  190. Did the Catholic Church fiddle you?
  191. ruby told me this in confidence and asked me not to say anything so I made a thread
  192. Important television masterpieces
  193. found a picture of paulreubens' dog
  194. make me mod next month
  195. what did the dead forum say to the chicken?
  196. in line at starbucks
  197. I'm going to boycott every site that went black today to protest sopa
  198. these people are from my home town, lake charles louisiana, watch and laugh
  199. i hhavnt ben able 2 post for the last week and a half im gogin to try to
  200. i will signle-handedly save the forums ;} (devel smiley*COPYRIGHT))
  201. RUBYNET
  202. fuck you i wont do what you tell me
  203. im boycotting metallica
  204. so i watched the RE6 trailer
  205. MFW I hack you
  206. in the shower this evening
  207. just finished workin out with 5lb free weights
  208. Viva Tijuana
  210. shit forum shit life shit story
  211. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  212. Is anyone here lol
  213. i shitted in my friend's toilet and destroyed the fuck outta it
  214. ytmnsfw/rubynet guilty confessional thread
  215. bump this thred every tiem your dick is hard
  216. attn: ruby. embed some audio featyure
  217. which do u type: forums.ytmsfw.org or ruycalaer.com/forums
  218. Red wine on a torn dress
  219. itt kikes on bikes
  221. some real shit
  222. these forums are so fuckking dead
  223. ✈ ▌▌ / ¦҉▌▌ / ▄ ▌ / ▄✈▌ / ▄ ¦҉▌ / ▄ ▄
  224. Kwisatz Harerach
  225. Is this Phette?
  226. *wife screaming and giving birth to baby* *me leaning back in chair twittering* Baby
  227. When "NEDM" Isn't Enough: The Search for the Next Great Meme
  228. Oh, cripes! I just spilt my drink why lolling.
  229. where is steveyos?
  230. I also like trucks
  231. my dad is eating crackers and mayonase
  232. Greetings RUBYNET, give me a moment to explain to you a delicate situation, here is a
  233. attention forum
  234. *walks into darkened room* *pulls up a chair* *sits down on chair backwards*
  235. more trucks
  236. guess which poster i used to be
  237. First of all fucker, I look NOTHING like Rick Moranis.
  238. those tacobell foods with the fritos inside
  239. me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me m
  240. I have never been a quality poster
  241. Dear mom, these are the last flowers I am going to send to you.
  242. :fffffff: > :bettles: > :snake: > :hax: > :imgay:
  243. just letting you guys know that i'm probably going to commit suicide tonight
  244. mayonaise sandwhich
  245. truck
  246. just letting you guys know that i'm probably going to commit sleepicide tonight
  247. holy fuck look at this heavy hual
  249. theyt pay money for metal
  250. How many times can you watch insidious in 1 24 hour period?