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  1. iguana goddess, obnoxious bitch, jackscolostomybag, boobykalaber, marco.
  2. We've only had these lizards in here for about 14 hours
  3. you forgot rose west and cody
  4. if this forum had good posters clay would of simply called this forum Reject Haven
  5. Saturday Night
  6. You're faggots.
  7. wowsers all i can say is
  8. Mission Accomplished
  9. Candy crew faggots
  10. Marks biggest Candy crew faggot
  11. fjs really is the only good forum on the entire internet / jack venooker is nuts DuoThread
  12. did u know admins can read your pm's because they can change your password then log in your account?
  13. where were we
  14. Family Secrets vanookers bastard child
  15. 988uoijk,,,
  16. DOLI 2012, STOP!!!!
  17. jack vernroker kicks puppies on the sidewalk
  18. Crisp crysthanamum
  19. reinstate flaglerchat @ fjs & moi whilst phuKKK dis playce upp
  20. who duh fuck is marc chillers?
  21. attn ruby
  22. Flaglerchat vs the Internet........ a history of empty victories
  24. Official 'screenshots of the lizard forum' thread
  25. Why Is Maks Fucking Cody
  26. Maks...A Butthurt Homo
  27. KKK's Dennis Labonte targets RC's resident HOMO maks
  28. maks sphincter
  29. Maks Admits Taking Cock Up His Ass
  30. Shocking voicemail revelation: Jack flirts with flaggercat
  31. rose west when are we going to hook up?
  33. Welcome to our newest member, Queen Mud
  34. Georgie boy is a faggot
  35. Did you know Iggy was part nigger?
  36. mOnde has died
  37. The McDonalds Megathread: McDoubles, McRibs... AND DORITO SANDWICHES??? We couldn't believe it either.
  38. Do9n't ever second guess yourself
  39. the derpetarium
  40. I have to say this seperation of the faggot crew from the lizards is just childish
  41. I used to teach
  42. Smile
  43. my first dick
  44. I e-dated once
  45. And he drumped me
  46. He was so mature for being only 15
  47. Felt alone even in this forum please read...
  48. My father the narcissist
  49. Involuntary Temporary Detention
  50. Seething Twerp
  51. marks stay out of my threads you asshole
  52. another OB sex-change thread
  53. NortyNippy in duh house
  54. Clays first dick
  55. Trolls trolling trolls welcome to troll ave, populiation trolls
  56. This forum is dwindling!
  57. lisa the destroyer of tim's hole
  58. make your case
  59. wake me up if Jibbles or the real fake Battery yum is here
  61. Sticky: Clay's ASS
  62. Sticky: Over 80% of daily posts @ rubynet
  63. I hear you lizard folks like "demotivational posters'
  64. Title:
  65. Steve died
  66. marcs died
  67. Wanna use my account?
  68. race war comin
  69. ruby does not talk to me anymore
  70. ATTN: OB
  71. Dad, what are ya doin'?
  72. maks @ rubynet 24/7
  73. If everyone would please...
  74. i don't care
  75. Queen mud is that your real pic in your avatar?
  76. Hi
  77. Why my Dad is so fucked up...........
  78. Dad, why are you ignoring me?
  79. Flaglerchat A Homo
  80. huhuhui hui huhui huhu huhuhuihuihui
  81. grunt vs. fagchat: gibberish battle to the death - who would win?
  82. is this guys name who youre all obsessed with patrick mannix or jack venooker
  83. I am Doctor Remulak.
  85. It's true
  86. hello lizzys
  87. Tim Abreu: Transvestite Snake Charmer Extraordinaire ::NSFW::
  88. BoobyKalabrr 'z MUGSHOT ------------V-----------
  89. look as sordid and tempestuous as all this is...
  90. Shawn Cody bushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpig vs Obvious Bloke
  91. Timothy, I want you to know something
  92. BRADLEY MICHAEL DOCHEFF, I want you to know something (UVM TOPIX)
  93. JacKKK VenooKKKer onn da Maury Povich Show
  94. 710x (head lizard) ghottz da KKKlapp........
  95. Beware of Jack Venooker
  96. HAPPY 420 "I shit you knott", Jim Mannix's wife Karyn is a DEALER
  97. An Audacious Life Wearing Rouge
  98. garbage
  99. elezzzark
  100. Obnoxious Bloke
  101. Pat Mannix's family of Queer Bait
  103. hey there
  104. you're all gona die
  105. how gay is the candy crew?
  106. This made me laugh, as I looked away from my poodle
  107. My poodle did not see me cry as I looked away
  108. Next on our MANNIX REUNION parade is Pat Mannix Jr
  109. poust
  110. OB, flagfag have left the building
  111. CHILDERS REUNION............... yucKKK
  112. marks is a fucking queer
  113. Marc Childers LANDLORDZ.........
  114. Sarah Venooker didn't make the RENT
  116. Pat Mannix internet access
  117. BoobyKKKalabrr tricKKKed MOIhahahahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  118. You have no chance to survive make your time. All your base are belong to us.
  119. Fer uh gud thyme.... KKKawL IGGY
  120. SILENCE IS GOLDEN...Partytime in the herpetarium
  121. WHO LET THE PIG OUT?...squeel like a bacon fat greased piggy
  122. Simon's Lovely Sophie or bushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpigbushpig's HOG WIFE?
  123. i honestly think Jack and his family are decent hardworking people and maybe you should back off Flaggerchat
  124. why are you afraid of us?
  125. i like how they actually post in here
  126. 1812 PucKKKer St, Stowe, VT 05672 - DRUG HOWZE.........
  127. flag come post at fjs
  128. man dog says
  129. marco loves maks
  130. youre the man now dogs
  131. Lizards: Free Yourselves
  132. marks exposed
  133. sure tim might have let you guys know we exist, but cody was the first lizard, and if i dare say it
  134. Ruby busted DUI LoL
  135. marks you faggot
  136. what is this forum
  137. how are my lizzys today????
  138. Who are these lizard freaks?
  139. brb, making pudding for angelica
  140. YO FLAGLER ...... Phette's new sight...
  141. PHETTE perma banned the FLAGLERCHAT
  142. Sticky: reject haven sucks I'm sorry to say
  143. Every american in this forum is a traitor and accessory to fraud.
  144. Increase your fetelings cahnce
  145. Horses adore modest females
  146. These days I doa much more thwan I could when Il was 18
  147. Lizards and TPILOL unite!
  148. Zoo sticking students natural films
  149. Every time I read the name of this forum I think of herpes.
  150. Sticky: Jack and His bag's never-ending Fartwave.
  151. Pat Mannix (flaglerchat)
  152. please change this forum name to
  153. threadlong.exe
  155. I watched them murder my family
  156. Instructions on how to turn away from your daughter so she won't see the semen on your face
  157. Cocks and balls and cocks and balls and cocks and balls and cocks and balls
  158. it's not easy being green
  159. Yo' Jack... how menny dildoza moi ghottz in moi azz ????????
  160. do i belong here?
  161. let tell knock knock jokes ok i will go first
  162. please unban me from retard heaven
  163. Jack PWNT in Purgatory @ MOCK
  164. Jack Venookeraped by Aaron
  165. I hate jack too
  166. flaglerchat come here
  167. https://forum.encyclopediadramatica.se/threads/flaglerchat-iz-inn-da-howze.10287/
  168. wow uh
  169. The people who run Encyclopedia Dramatica
  170. Jack Venooker reported for making Bomb Threats
  171. aw, my Rose West spam
  172. Rubynet, did you know jack is suing you?
  173. Banned at RH
  174. I love you Flagler.
  175. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason
  176. Jack Venooker ain't Poaztit inn 2 deighz
  177. I'll ask this openly too
  178. My butterflies
  179. Urban Dictionary
  180. So, I found out I have Asperger's...about three hours before my parents went on about how 'mental illness is a copout'...
  181. just playing with the poll
  182. I wouldn't fuck this with your dick
  183. Banned from TK
  184. Flag is the only good person
  185. flag, post the pic that made them pee themselves and ban me again
  186. maks logged inn phrumm werKKK..........
  187. I vote lock maks and Cody and Marco in here and let Flag out
  188. Stop it. Leave Flag alone... he's been good to me and you dickheads haven't
  189. Did you open your mail box yet Pat/Flag?
  190. This message is hidden because maks is on your ignore list.
  191. Account Rejected on EDF2: Electric Boogaloo
  192. https://encyclopediadramatica.se/User_talk:Flaglerchat#flaglerchat_IZ_INN_DA_HOWZE
  193. Stupid question to flag or anyone.... where is the ignore button to use on that dipshit?
  194. EvurrrreeButtee putt Jack Venooker onn IGGYnoar
  195. I want to know who the writer of those articles is flag
  196. flaglerchat'z IP Trapp werKKKz GR8.....
  197. Jerome Noworyta aka SpamDonkeh
  198. flag, are you a good or evil wizard?
  199. .......
  200. everyone post this picture in jack's profile
  201. flag you are fruitloops
  202. mmmmmm I love flag's bedtime stories
  203. o0battery0o.proboards.com
  204. EvurrrreeButtee IGGYnoar" Troll Kingdom Envoy"...... itt drivez "jack" nutz
  205. Danny Hellman sez Jack Ven00ker iz uh insane asshole THIEF
  206. Hao 2 KKKeap Jack Ven00ker ( insane asshole THIEF) bizzee
  207. Czech owt moi gnu SIG..............
  208. My ignore list is: maks and jack
  209. I've earned a nap
  210. Joan WalKKK3r ghottz CP onn hurrrr KKKumpewturrrr
  211. *screams into the internet* JIBBLES!
  212. http://forum.flamingatom.com/topic/9705660/1/
  213. Dumpt by Lisa Joyce
  214. Kevin I want you on my msn and to be able to play with you
  215. just a reminder to the good folks here at the hepaterium
  216. new topic
  217. test
  218. I'm top twat and you're not
  219. Tim
  220. Latest Reputation Received (-132 point(s) total)
  221. Kevin, I want you as one of my boys on msn
  222. burn them all
  223. m0nde is a negger
  224. Jack Venooker- FBI FOI/PA Request.......... STEIGH TOONT
  225. Jack Ven00ker... Child Toucher (PhaKKKtt)
  226. Jack Ven00ker KKKommitz 2 moar KKKowntz uhghenntz da ol' gui
  227. Jack & Joan ghettin' reddy fer uh road tripp
  228. Jack Ven00ker KKKries 2 YOUTUBE......... PWNTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
  229. I love you flag
  230. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  231. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  232. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  233. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  234. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  235. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  236. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  237. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  238. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  239. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  240. lizards no more lizards no more erdaticte the lizard people
  241. this shit anit a GAME mother fuckers
  242. why do you hate that one guys so much and that other guy who posts child porn well her's a hero
  243. hello my name is dp, i;m hear to destory you little tom fuckery spot on the internt
  244. oh zure you and your good time buddies from i'm a fag.com tjought it would bea good idea to staat posting here
  245. i am rhe leader of milkshades i iam there head hacker and i spam on the side for my hobby
  246. i fucked all your mothers
  247. cody paid me 100 rep poionts to thread spam this fourm
  248. only 2 more threads 2 go
  249. fel frwwee to post in any of my fine threads in the herpeutoitm
  250. I await you flag, king of the herpes, I love you