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  1. oh risa you make me ah so roney
  2. Emergency the whole of Cowes is engulfed with the smell of Sulfur
  3. *shart*
  4. I'm marco
  5. I'm marco
  6. I'm marco
  7. How to spot a psychopath
  8. I'm lisa
  9. Antidepressant and Suicide
  10. gordon's Linkedin
  11. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  12. lisa says you people are bullying her
  13. i make $500.00 bucks a week giving BJs
  14. Fuk me like daddy did
  15. jwfdveybteasfgiulaf
  16. yyoyozbqapqffedialynu
  17. i wasn't a ball of cells
  18. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  19. You all can fuck right off.
  20. tim none of you play good games
  21. lisa Cag Stevey
  22. Reported Post by Zero Replies
  23. I just had sex for the first time
  24. Jerk off in your own mouth
  25. need advice on getting some pussy in USSA
  26. My generation (Millenials) are so fucking retarded
  27. breakfast jerk off
  28. semen expiration date?
  29. anyone going to an Antifa party tomorrow
  30. The best thing about having sex with the older ladies here is not having to pull out
  31. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjxLexLw57c&t=8s
  32. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjxLexLw57c&t
  33. Lisa your good friends here at rubynet deserve the truth
  34. lisa you have to leave
  35. you called
  36. available oct 24th the option to buy destiny 2 expasnsion 1, still grey'd out, lol,
  37. Can someone PS what lisa's black baby would look like
  38. Deso can you watch Jig Saw with me
  39. Cag I need to JO to you so bad you don't understand how bad I need to JO it actually hurts down there and nothing I do stops
  40. Loonie my boi pussy needs filled
  41. i'm buying stock in cum rag companies
  42. that Bitch just went to her Lily account
  43. i was raped in prison
  44. fuck wshat was I gon a say shit
  45. lisa does miss cyanide post on any lizard forums
  46. Wofting my farts while in my computer chair hating everyone
  47. Halo 5
  48. I only paid 1000 bucks for my titan video card
  49. my accomplishments in life
  50. Lily's accomplishments in life
  51. i wanna be gay in Toronto
  52. hayley loftin
  53. if you found yourself in the year 2075
  54. Stoveyos why did you stop using your account this time
  55. lisa is like a really bad smell that won't go away
  56. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  57. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  58. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  59. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  60. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  61. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  62. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  63. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  64. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  65. Kent is my long lost dad
  66. Reported Post by maks
  67. /*\ OFFICIAL boobs, booty, cock, and whatever other threads kent and lily make all of them are this thread official don't use th
  68. OMG
  69. gone mad
  70. why the Tanty failed
  71. clay do you wear a man Bun
  72. *SHART*
  73. help me do a Podcast
  74. lisa calls you all losers and you post in her thread
  75. here's your new name
  76. my little followers
  77. i don't follow your rules
  78. i'm picking my nose
  79. Stomple is not Vegan
  80. shut ups
  81. bf
  82. i'm sad
  83. you're hanging with garbage lisa when you post in her threads
  84. i'm garbage
  85. i fukdt 20 Bikies in one go
  86. me in some sexy Lingerie
  87. .
  88. .
  89. is anybody who currently posts here friends with lisa? literally anybody? just of recent times not forever, like in the past two
  90. 1. is this really marnie someone ask if she'd let me go down on her 2. look at how shit my fucking retarded pc is
  91. .
  92. hey donny
  93. i was a junky
  94. Cag we need your advice
  95. so i was watching Cag's fisting video
  96. i had a dream
  97. fuk you lisa
  98. ESAD lisa
  99. clay i have a remedy for your pussy hurt
  100. fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me
  101. yeah fuk you clay
  102. pink hair and Rat face
  103. Steven i want to set my hairy English pussy on your face
  104. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  105. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  106. Kunt Jucina
  107. I really am gay !
  108. i Murdered my own
  109. my plastic tub smells like piss
  110. petdnqblszmsiruwtbxga
  111. decndkbzbdrcpgyhgubik
  112. need it so bad
  113. who wants my stinking Jew pussy
  114. Steven Marnie here
  115. Jon makes me wear a Hijab now
  116. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  117. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  118. Reported Post by maks
  119. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  120. Reported Post by maks
  121. Cody is my new bf
  122. Pastor Weed told me to join the Navy
  123. fingering my nasty twat while i post about my lonelyness
  124. free BGD
  125. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  126. Reported Post by maks
  127. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  128. Reported Post by maks
  129. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  130. Reported Post by maks
  131. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  132. Reported Post by maks
  133. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  134. Reported Post by maks
  135. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  136. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  137. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  138. dirty harry if you do not leave this forum i will call ysu and tell them of ur racist and porn posts
  139. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  140. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  141. Reported Post by maks
  142. Reported Post by maks
  143. Reported Post by Dirty Harry
  144. nigga dilemma
  145. i'm leaving
  146. ban marks and Wendy too
  147. Peaceful Forum
  148. i never liked lisa anyways
  149. Deso is my new online bf
  150. i'm glad Mom didn't have me
  151. brenda did you give a lot of head back in the day
  152. Harry you're a fuking stupid old faggot
  153. Shekel for your thoughts on the departure of lisa cag and stevey
  154. Cag you have semen in your hair
  155. cag's cunny honey
  156. I wanna open cag's legs on Xmas morning
  157. gdkngyaxiypvuwsrjdpgv
  158. thknfewhxariiygcmrjey
  159. I'm not really a troll, everyone else is
  160. i still remember when guys use to cum in my ass
  161. got a Santa gig this christmas
  162. i have ass cancer
  163. Cag is sending me her dirty panties for Christmas
  164. i'm a deep thinker
  165. being a Mall Cop is enjoyable
  166. i left a legacy of Cuckery
  167. Steven my Mrntrual has begun
  168. I feel sorry for you.
  169. My good bye
  170. anyone want power bottomed
  171. expansion packs dlc
  172. post posts that made you fap
  173. i need bottomed
  174. $1000 video card
  175. My $1000 video card
  176. what am i going to do today
  177. gotta walk like a G
  178. gabi I'm sorry I said you're the elephant man's daughter do you have destiny 2
  179. Stevey's retarded Fuking Faggot pea brain
  180. no smoke for you Faggot
  181. in 1985 Stevey's mom fukdt some niqqr
  182. i try to fap 14 times a week
  183. lady down the hall invited me for Turkey Diner
  184. http://bwamu2.ning.com/forum/topic/listForContributor?user=288m62ii93msi
  185. wanna see my pussy
  186. ready for penetration
  187. your reality isn't real
  188. Stevey i can't be friends with you
  189. Reply by Aja on May 22, 2013 at 3:57am Or if I see an Asian girl with a black guy I wanna ask her so bad if she has a brother or
  190. Hormel 60 seconds
  191. kill the Boar
  192. i've never smelt a woman's pussy
  193. mboar here's what happened with me and gabi
  194. hey gabi steveyos here I'd gladly just fap to you I didn't know that's all you wanted I was tyring to be nice
  195. Gabi was starring at my cock last night on tiny chat
  196. Gabi im so glad your here lisa was insane terrible
  197. ok who wants to cum in my Ginger beard
  198. gabi what chat program do you wanna use I prefer to fap using my phone Tuna Large Sub +Mayo +White Onion +Red Onion +Oregano $6.
  199. gabi I really did get a boner and even thinking about it now I got another one stop being depressed holla @ me for real
  200. gabi I'm not joking I really would like to be your personal nerd virgin creep please holla @ me this is steveyos this is nto a j
  201. i got the Millennial blues
  202. I can't log into my steveyos account gabi will you talk to me yes or no this is the real steveyos reply here please thank you
  203. I can't log into mgtow teveyos account gabi will you talk to me yes or no this is the real steveyos reply here please thank you
  204. gabi this could all be yorus https://imgur.com/a/oV5A5
  205. gabi please talk to me I want to die
  206. gabi can I use your underwear to line the inside of my van for warmth and fill the busted seat with underwear and use bras for a
  207. gabi send me your bra and underwear mesurments to me im planning on making a gabi suit out of your skin and want to get started
  208. gabi several women have placed restraining orders on me i know we where meant to be because you never did that
  209. gabi ive got a window open with tinychat
  210. Gabi im giving you my virginty for christmas
  211. ask gabi if she'll make me something too preferably out of her underwear
  212. gabi I really do have a $1000 graphics card same one as ruby I run games maxed I have ps4 controller
  214. Gabi you can come be depressed with me
  215. get me an rss link for gabi's posts please
  216. gabi post anything itt and I'll fap
  217. Gabi please don't talk to timmy
  218. fix the forum so I can get away from marks anon super troll ruining my date with gabi
  219. post your favorite gabi content itt
  220. Gabi check out my sexy gf lexie
  221. why are so many Millennials depressed?
  222. Gabi i ate beans for lunch and now
  223. Gabi i think i'm a Bipolar Bisexual
  224. Gabi what does tree fiddy mean?
  225. ginger beard are you depressed too
  226. Im full of piss and vinegar but not at the same time
  227. this bowl has more then panties in it
  228. gabi my favorite color is that blue leapord underwear usually I ain't that into it but mi gusta gurl
  229. stop
  231. gabi im insane lol
  232. did anyone see me lick my niece's panties lol
  233. actually my back hurts so while I do my sit ups and downs gabi I'll be in tinychat https://tinychat.com/room/ashleyriot
  234. btw I not only have my gamecon 780's I also have two bluetooth headsets gabi and marnie could both chaturbate from my pc and hea
  235. jesus christ marnie is posting literally nudes of herself on her instagram missmarniebeth because of tattoos hooray retardation
  236. gabi come back online reno's online hey reno get gabi in tinychat
  237. hey who was milk y ayyy I just remembered actually from motehrless or whatever that forum was I wonder how they're doing
  238. how much do you wanna bet I'm teh only person in this building listening to do what you do by BG
  239. lizard squard.... steal ya blue tooth....
  240. gabi I'm going tout to smokke I'll see tinychat when I come in I didn't go to sleep I'll leave before I go to sleep so yes wait
  241. gabi sorry I'm insane
  242. ilu Gabi
  243. i gotta part time job
  244. wakeee uppppppp withs ome gabi in m cy cucupppppp
  245. gabi I'll do whatever it takes~! I love you~! I love youuuuuuuuu !!!!!
  246. my gabi my gabi and how do you do 深喉呕吐
  247. gabi decide if you wanna be a slut streamer from my apartment I need an answer cause I was gonna move out
  248. ilu, gurrrllll, ilu, gurrrlll,,, oooo, ilugurlllll
  249. I wish I were bilbo baggins.....
  250. if gabi didn't like me why's she replying down here? she doesn't have to post in this sub forum, I'm nto posting in the othe ron