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  1. How deep can you cut?
  2. How deep can you unload in my ass
  3. Death by cutting myself
  4. carries hate word inside of head
  5. Stevey i'm talking to some hott Dik girls on Chaturbate
  6. Unwelcome company
  7. welcome to the dark side
  8. stroking my cock with your tonsils
  9. stroking my cock with your tonsils
  10. hey fatty cutty
  11. your so fat and you cut
  12. cutters paradise
  13. got cut?
  14. gtfo with this cutting shit
  15. just gtfo period
  16. Remember me
  17. u cut bitch u need to die
  18. I just bought yakuza 0
  19. cut out the cutting shit
  20. go cut your dik off cutter fag
  21. greg cuts the fuk outta hmself
  22. cag cuts herself and tried to cut off her chin
  23. cut some Fat off JJ
  24. why you so Fat
  25. U Fat
  26. Josh it's me cuttin yo wigger Fat ass
  27. everybody cut loose
  29. cut till you can't cut no more
  30. cut me cut you cut us cut cut cut cut cut cut cut
  31. Get the cut out of here
  32. JJ you could eat yourself if your mom stopped feeding u
  33. they cuttin hard
  34. We be cuttin out here
  35. Fat people problem here
  36. Fat degenerate virgin problem here
  37. Muh wigger truck
  38. I got dead wood
  39. who cuts the best?
  40. Can't cut this
  41. Cant stop the cutting
  42. cut
  43. orgasm inducing self mutilation (cutting)
  44. are you queer
  45. smell my ass all day
  46. cut
  47. do u ever cut yourself?
  48. cut
  49. I'd still love to know how to sort gmail by sender
  50. here's some more cd keys for autism games you autists like cause I'm too busy cutting to catch autism
  51. haha steffies cuts himself
  52. creepyos cuts himself
  53. steveys creepy cutting
  54. Lily cuts herself
  55. I wanna watch lily cut herself
  56. Obese people get out
  57. how much would u pay 2 watch stevey cut himself?
  58. Sausage pizza topped with BBC
  59. i'm the worst of the ytmnd dorks
  60. i'm the worst of the ytmnd dorks
  61. JO and eat and play with dollies
  62. delivered 50 pizzas last night
  63. oh hell yeah he cuts
  64. Stab you good
  65. stab the creepyos piggy
  66. Josh got stabbed
  67. who's the best ytmnd creepo
  68. Cag i wanna crawl all over you with my creepy putrid smell
  69. I want you to die
  70. why do you cut?
  71. I cut myself real bad I need help
  72. I hate myself but love cag watch me cut
  73. low IQ and mental problems
  74. rubynet is under?
  75. Josh if you stab your fat belly
  76. greg's gloryhole
  77. Deso i'm Gay too
  78. Balls full of cum
  79. Chicongo news
  80. everything is creepy about me and marks
  81. Mexicans go back to your own Socialist hell hole
  82. Ah cut muh self
  83. oh shit it just occurred to me why lizards exist and are usually elderly
  84. i gotta get off Welfare
  85. cut till you can't cut no more
  86. I can't stop cutting
  87. Stavros u cut and u JO
  88. Stavros cuts Him self
  89. Lexi you need to stop all this shit
  90. OH Farm ass
  91. i'm on SNAP program
  92. my pizza is so late
  93. go get fukdt you Fuking JO faggot
  94. this forum needs more lisa
  95. yikers what a bunch of faggots
  96. my cuts are the best
  97. Stevey fuck you
  98. Steven you're 32 years old
  99. stevey mutilates himself for attention
  100. neck beard your gross
  101. Steffies death date
  102. who's in for Yikers deux
  103. anybody with xbox or pc join me and devon in state of decay 2 and gears of war 4
  104. watch me cut myself
  105. please watch me cut myself
  106. I will carve your name into myself for $20
  107. just finished cutting myself
  108. Lisa's rotting pussy
  109. my mutilation addiction
  110. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5952cdb9e7a34
  111. tests I've run on my computer
  112. how do the Stevey's of the World exist
  113. Dear margret, ok this may sound weired but I had a doream and well...... I'm suppose to contact you, about an Idea, in the green
  114. https://www.whitehouse.gov/people/melania-trump/
  115. lisa died
  116. I'm so jealous of cag
  117. I might have cut too deep this time
  118. i need a guy to Fuk my ass
  119. Supporting Miexicanism is supporting stupido Fuking magots
  120. stupid drum fag
  121. it hurts when I cut but it hurts worse if I don't
  122. I am telling the truth ! I have not posted a single Boobs,Booty,Cock,Shemale,Found on the net pics or any music ! I am answering
  123. a whole page of threads dedicated to me
  124. my review of the surge
  125. My review of the steveyos.
  126. piss in my ass I'm a dirty slut
  127. gotta have some Dik
  128. Kill the juji's
  129. I'm Mexiphobic
  130. sorry you have to run linux jj
  131. now im wondering if my last radeon card was blue screening due to a faulty bios version
  132. Fabulous Friday
  133. you know how much I give a FF
  134. Mexicans are a lower IQ population thus easier to control
  135. shut the fuck up stevey
  136. can't stop cutting help me
  137. I don't want to cut myself anymore but
  138. urls to shitty annoying faggoty people that ruin the world
  139. why you don't let Latino's in your country
  140. i'm so stupid i don't know i'm stupid
  141. i'm so insane i don't know i'm insane
  142. my Bf like me moan when he plows my ass
  143. mom asks me what i do in my room all day
  144. Cag do you fart in bed
  145. lisa answer the phone
  146. now im wondering if I should cut myself due to being a useless welfare fraud and everyone hates me because of my mental problems
  147. grandma gonna toss my salad
  148. new nickname I'd love to go by if you guys like it whatever it's up to you if youwanna call me it or refer to me as it I think
  149. waffle girl
  150. stovey why don't you just die
  151. stovey is my Bf
  152. come and fuk me
  153. interracial love
  154. cag's pu55y
  155. virgin faggot
  156. show me you cock BB
  157. da JEWS
  158. Apple Products
  159. clean my bios timmy
  160. my name is buck
  161. who's got bios
  162. buy my Apple products
  163. everyone at Starbucks has a macbook
  164. me poo
  165. i poop
  166. Ivan Perez you will be reported for saying kill the president
  167. we're going to nuke Mexico
  168. Mexicans come here for da free sheet
  169. to the gulag for lily
  170. just sitting here alone and cutting myself
  171. I just totally smashed my mac book with
  172. plan to break the internet art 1
  173. clay is the best admin
  174. Stevey come work for us
  175. Cag do you use the Waffle house employee bathroom
  176. Cag do they use real Maple syrup at Waffle hauz
  177. go get fukdt you Fuking JO faggot
  178. Cag here's how you get back at non tipping niggrs
  179. we need Space Force recruits
  180. m0nde please remote my pc and click resume every 20 seconds when my windows store downloads stop
  181. whos the virgin loser cuck who uses taylor swift as an avatar and sig
  182. wow cool look at all these stupid fucking smileys nobody in the entire history of mandkind will ever see
  183. You imagined Joey Lawrence saying whoa, didn't you? (Video game forum, FYI)
  184. life sucks, cs:s was the only good game ever, fuck fortnite and pokimane, fuck twitch and facebook ytmnd for life , kill jews
  185. i made contact weith god and if u listen to me i will ressurect the forums
  186. I was scrolling down like I know he mentioned me he always does he can't not mention me
  187. Steven gets paid to JO and finger his ass all day
  188. get lisa out
  189. i need a cream pie
  190. Cag spits on her customers waffles
  191. if you're Fat we want you out
  192. Steven Yelle is a well adjusted productive member of society
  193. yo newpoop (newport) you can live with me in daytona florida man
  194. lol tek you made ruby pay twice as much for a pc that ran games maybe just as good, but for not as long, as my computer
  196. Stevey's yearbook picture
  197. hey ewok
  198. just accidentally stumbled across lexie's instagram
  199. i need a detailed psot about ever single memmber as much detail as possible
  200. I axidently found pics of some girl who hates me online lol
  201. deso do you really think you'll be with ruby that long
  202. Got a response to the email. Greg told me that the site hasn't been updated in awhile, but they are still alive and kickin'.
  203. ice is live
  204. ahahahahahah this is my grandma's boyfriend's daughter and her boyfriend
  205. Cag my waffles were under done
  206. I'm insane
  207. lisa gtfo
  208. DRUMS
  209. can i get a Waffle
  210. quit being rude in here
  211. Yikers Lives
  212. We have received your complaints
  213. Traveling to Dallas
  214. my day
  215. i'm looking for new friends
  216. gonna Fuck grandma tonight
  217. burn in hell ewok
  218. fuck you ewok
  219. go eat cum ewok
  220. eat a can of nigger dicks ewok
  221. Go to first new post eat a can of nigger dicks ewok Started by Unregistered, 9 Minutes Ago Replies: 0 Views: 1 Unregistered
  222. Go to first new post eat a can of nigger dicks ewok Started by Unregistered, 9 Minutes Ago Replies: 0 Views: 1 Unregistered
  223. Urethra Franklin died
  224. timmy always on Smoko
  225. I don't wanna job
  226. so anyway pj the juice man and kacen had a kid
  227. funny pics of ewok being decapitated
  228. ewok watch me cut myself
  229. Blowing my load for u
  230. I just cut the hell out of myself
  231. I want to JO all over juji
  232. marks if you made love to Ivan would you
  233. playing hide and seek with a knife and my arm
  234. the more Mexican drug deaths the better
  235. help me get a new Monitor
  236. knives are my only friends
  237. my arms are all bloody
  239. i'm a stupid faggot
  240. stabbing my Fat
  241. i want to suk Trump's Dik
  242. Ocasio Cortez my hero
  243. who wants to sword fight
  244. i'm Gay fur Trump
  245. lost one of my butt plugs
  246. ewok needs to die
  247. fuck off ewoksuckmycock
  248. elz come and fuck me
  249. %100 Mexican Bullshit
  250. Ocasio Cortez