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cody lundin
04-08-2014, 12:04 AM
OK so after seeing you guys talk abou tsteam for like 5 years now i got the client awhile back but never did anything with it really. Then I quit playing that chinese WOW ripoff completely and needed something to do.

So I started playing Neverwinter, since it's free mostly, I've kinda learned from stupid facebook games and shit like that to be patient and not toss money into a "free" game until really high levels, once i'm sure that i like the game and that it's got longevity. I rolled both my characters and got them to around level 30 but i was already seeing some really imba pvp matches going on so i was like well as a pve only game tis is fun but over cashing is going to make this game suck for pvp players.

So I DL Star Trek Online. I found the interface to be less than user friendly and the battle system with the double clicking to fire phasers on ground based missions to be slow and unwieldly. got to the first outer space mission hoping for a little better experience, and did not find it. having to click a button on the dashboard to fire weapons instead of just using a keybind is hideous.

Now i'm playing marvel heroes, love it, love that it's 100% possible to obtain every character in game for free with some patience. I'm playing as Hawkeye of course, i'm level 20 and so far the gas arrow is my favorite power so i've pushed it up to lvl 12 and i'm able to pull massive groups and drop them in seconds for xp. My only problem is the limited bag space but hey there's a built in warp that lets you jump to stark's tower mid-mission and dump your bags to a vendor, and there are also items for summoning vendors and crafters in game that you can buy or win as crate drops. Yep i'll be playing this awhile. 477 more crystal thingies to unlock ghost rider. :yes:

04-08-2014, 08:17 AM
goat simulator looks amazing

cody lundin
04-08-2014, 09:59 AM
im not paying money for that shit. i might come up off 20 bucks for the elder scrolls if they ever get it fixed to the point where less than half the players do nothing but bitch.

04-08-2014, 01:55 PM
Add rutbur
I get out of work in a couple hrs

cody lundin
04-08-2014, 02:18 PM

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