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this guy is some paranoid queer stalking me trying to make me cry.
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you can call me whatever negative words you forced creativity upon. it doesnt change a god damned thing.

You've removed all meaning and credibility in your own words, this is very vain of you as it's very obvious you are a lonely, sad, bored out of your mind shithead, with nothing more to do than try and bother me on this forum, this is getting out of hand. When an analysis is made from the entire time I've been at this forum, it was YOU who've been obsessed with me, for what reasons I do not know, but I do know that you need help. Don't bother making any reply or future private messages, as I will continue to be unresponsive, if this in any way bothers you, look outside the square; 'your fault'.

I really don't care tbh. have your little hissy rant. feel better? if this is your way of trying to come on to me, I'm not gay.

i guess its too hard for you to micro, too much brain activity for your wet brain smokking that hydro fucked up shit all day, for how many years now? yeah i get it, youre a useless cunt on your own, you are like a hyena, you cant do anything on your own you useless cunt.

says the insane queer IT guy.

i see u lurking
i see u lurking. never posting, jus tsitting there in your own misery watching me. hating deep inside yourself about all that i am about. how does it feel to be so bitter and wicked on the inside that you cant go a minute of your life without me on your mind u gay fuck. you are honestly so pathetic and you never show your face. you are a scared little kitten. a metaphor cat. thats all you are is are is a coward. you go out of your way to try and make my life miserable, well guess what queer. ITS NOT WORKING!

Dirty Beatle
04-22-2014, 09:16 PM
Why are you named after old people salts?