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Yes some very sound advice about shape shifters
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When I was investigating shapeshifting reptilians online a military man (who offered to help me understand reptilian shapeshifters) sent me photos of very lifelike looking reptilian costumes.

He said he received the reptilian costumes for his work in the military.

He was standing next to the reptilian costumes in some photos and in the other photos the very life like looking 7' plus foot tall reptilian costumes were hanging in the basement of his home.

Why does a member of the military have thousands of dollars worth of very life like appearing, realistic looking, high quality reptilian costumes?

He said the reptilian costumes were used in military intelligence operations.

He said investigating reptilians was a waste of time because it, reptilian shapeshifters, was just a theatrical operation.

Someone who (later) appeared to once shapeshift (hide in a room and put on an expensive latex reptilian costume?) told me soda companies wanted to use giant holograms of Jesus in the sky holding a brand label soda, telling crowds to drink pepsi or coke, for advertising, to get brand label soda sales up. Air force and other agencies would not allow the sky to be used for mass market advertising of soda.

There are demons, fallen angels and fallen watchers.

And there are holy divine angels, and holy divine watchers who never left their first estate.

The 7' plus crocodile headed shapeshifting reptilians may be part of the 1990's shock and awe.

Humans wearing very expensive, very realistic latex reptilian theatrical costumes, for effect.

And use of holographic technology.