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    lisa fucks niggers 
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    she brag to me about it how sick
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    Dear Mom and Gram, I'm Sorry But LISA Hurt Me Bad. She is not a one person woman,She likes to pick up men to fuck and then comes and tells me about it and that hurts. She hung on me one time and went out and got FUCKED. I'm always wrong and she's always right. SHE NEEDS MORE THAN ONE COCK TO PLEASE HER, i wanted to marry her but i can't trust her not to cheat on me. she broke up with me and went out and got fucked and came back and told me about it and said i'm not a nun. I just can't take it anymore. Love you Donny
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    Quote Originally Posted by Вev. View Post
    she brag to me about it how sick
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    yo yo yo that is not good plz tell me this is a joke
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monde is a whiney fuck