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    damn, i cant decide on what drumset to get, how many cymbals do i need? 
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    i need to compromise on price between at least 5 cymbals but also want quality drums

    anyone have any advice?
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    buy whatever neil peart uses
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    you better ask the expert, Greg/Marko

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    I've been playing drums for about 10 years. I played on a Tama swingstar with Zildjian A customs, ride hihat and crash with DW double bass pedals.

    My recommendation is to go to a local music store, try out the different cymbals and then look online for used kits and cymbals.
    I garuantee you will be more satisfied spending $800 on a quality used kits than $1600 on a new mid-range kit.

    The heads you pick are just as, if not actually more important to sound than the body itself. Do not cheap out on heads, buy the nicest ones you can.

    What sound are you going for? Do you play metal, jazz, Indy? Or are you like me and need a versatile kit.

    What is your budget?
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