Bad buns sopi. Get in the Bohn Zone. Still saying this shit in my mid 40's posting on a dead forum where nobody will read this

"The Icing on the Cake"

It's a hot sunny day and I'm out riding my bike in the neighborhood when a car sideswipes me and I fall to the curb. I pull myself off the ground and appear to be uninjured, aside from a couple minor scrapes. "Hey sonny, are you okay"? I hear from a distance. "Are you alright?" I look over to a nearby house and see an old lady with glasses standing on her porch in concern for my safety. "I'm okay", I replied. "Come over here and let me take a look at you", she shouted. I didn't want her to go into a tizzy so I walked over and met her on her porch.

"Have a seat, I'll be right back", she said. She went inside on her Hoveround and I sat down, figuring she was lonely and could use some company so I scratched out my one good deed of the day and decided I'd stay. A couple minutes later she came back outside with a drink. She parks right next to me and remarks how beautiful the day is and I replied how the fall months give us the best scenery with the leaves changing to magnificent spectums of colors without the terrible heat of the summer. As I finish my sentence, I noticed the smile on her face was not because I was agreeing with her but because her fingers were on her clitoris through her hosery. "Oh boy", I said to myself in wonderment. I was weirded out but couldn't turn my eyes away and was slightly aroused.

She saw a smile come upon my face and before I had a chance to further react, I'm sipping some lemonade under the shady part of the porch then she leaned forward and took out her teeth then starts sucking my left nut. A couple drops precum slid down my shaft and land on her lips as they surrounded my testicle like she's sucking on a grape.

My balls began to tremble but I put my fingers through her grey curly hair and looked down at her big grandma glasses and she looked up with an approving gesture and leaned back on the hoveround, knowing I'm about to ruin her sunday best dress but smiles anyway. I took one step forward and unleashed a volcanic eruption of cum all over her glasses and those pretty beads she has on her blouse. Granny got a protein shampoo and her poodle stood nearby and licked up the rest.

I'm not done, I placed her orthopedic shoes over my shoulders and tore a hole in her hosiery and go to work on her ass. I fucked her ass with authority while her poodle licks my balls from behind. I pumped harder and harder like I'm drilling for oil in the gulf and wipe my cum off her glasses. She was enjoying it and said she's only taken it in the ass one other time and I was much better than President Hoover. This time I meant business and kicked away the poodle then grabed my own balls, pushing the cum to the head of my cock, like a nurse preparing an IV and pull out at the last second and shoot my load so hard it flys over her shes and up her nose then she starts spitting it out her mouth. THAT WAS A GREAT FUCK! THANK YOU HOVEROUND GRANDMA!

I left for a few days and recouped some of my sperm count, trying to forget about her and move on but I realized it was a futile effort when I passed by her house on my bicycle and smelled a couple homemade pies cooling on the windowsill. I tried to keep peddling but my feet hit the brakes and before I knew it, I'm knocking at her screen door.

I knew she was home because I heard the wheels of her Hoveround squeaking on the traditional varnished wood floor. I din't see her but she yells, "Oh, it's you again, come in dear". I walked in to see her in the kitchen baking a pouring cake mix into a bowl. She told me she's preparing dinner for her Bridge club made up of several elderly ladies that get together once a month for a good card game.

She told me she can't reach the egg beater and asked me to retrieve it from a shelf higher than her head. I reach up and she puts her hands on my bulging pecks and her glasses begin to fog up. I simply hand her the whip and she poured some non-dairy creamer in the batter and started mixing with me standing right by her side. She sticks her finger in the bowl and licks it and determines it needs more sugar so she adds a little more and mixes. A moment later she sticks her finger in again and licks it but has a confused look on her face this time.

Suddenly she looked up at me through her foggy rosemary tinted glasses in a most mischievous manner then unziped my pants and pulled out my cock and began softly rubbing her index finger around the tip near my pee hole then touched it briefly with her tongue. She then stuck the egg whip back in the bowl and pulled it out covered with cake batter and ever so gently put my cock through it. With her other hand, she poured the batter into the cake pan and then balanced the pan on the left arm of the hoveround and gave my balls a little tug towards her and the rest of my body followed.

Using the handle of the egg whip, she pushed downward and with my cock laced through it, I followed and my balls are now dipped in the cakepan full of batter. I squirmed a little but she looked up again in a reassuring manner and began stroking my cock with the flexible wire whip in the cake batter. I looked up toward the ceiling and took a deep breath as this felt absolutely marvelous. She reacheed into the batter with her other hand and placed her fingers under my balls, as if she's making sure they are completely saturated in the sweet cake batter. She then stroked the wire whip down my shaft so it's flush against my balls then leaned forward and starts licking the tip of my cock, getting batter in part of her curly grey wig in the process. Her tongue was absolutely merciless on the tip of my cock and I gently began stroking her back and undoing her bra, I had some plans in mind with what I wanted to do with the withering flapjacks mounted on her chest.

Then in almost an instant, she took the wire whip off my cake battered cock and lunged at my it then voluntarily thrusted it down her throat and started gagging on it when I began hearing more squeaking wheels approaching from her living room.

"Whack!" With one fast lash of a cane on the back of my knee cap I fell to the floor. I look up to see 6 more elderly women in Hoverounds looking down at me. When I start to explain that she wanted it, a 85+ year old black woman yelled at me to shut up and take off my shirt and pull my pants the rest of the way off. I did so in compliance with the stern old woman.

Two other elderly who had the warm pies from the front windowsill threw them at my chest and without warning, the army of elderly women of various races leaped from their mobile chairs and landed on me and I fell on my back and at their mercy. They began rubbing the pies into the pores of my skin and the old lady who I fucked before poured the cake batter over my head. We were all on the floor with various cake and pastry products all over I looked down to see two of the women were sucking my nipples and another saw I was taking interest in her stocking feet while she wore her open heel flats so she took her foot out of one shoe and began holding her foot inches away from my cock and teasing me so I'd beg for it.

She knew I couldn't resist her black nylons and so I begged of her "please! PLEASE put that foot on my balls, I BEG OF YOU"!!! She saw the desperation in my face and the passion in my eyes, the passion she surely hadn't seen in years since her husband passed away and probably long before that. The flattery of this 32 year old stud taking sexual interest in her body eventually consumed her and she gave in, extending her foot a little further at the expense of her crackling knee joints.

She began flexing and wiggling her toes. That combines with the two grannies sucking on my nipples, I was pretty much in ecstasy. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back and another elderly Indian milf puts my cock in her mouth, a bit of precum leaks from the head of my dick but I'm able to avert using the dot on the Indian granny's head as target practice for my building load of spooge for now. Then it was time for me to turn the tables and take some control of the situation.

I overcame the strength of the two grannies who were licking my nipples and sat up and then got to a kneeling position on the pastry covered wood floor. In a gentle but forceful way, I grabbed one of the grannies by the arm of her floral patterned dress and placed her on her back. I ripped the blouse in the front and lace beads flew everywhere. I leaned forward and broke her bra off with my teeth in a quick motion. I lathered up her saggy tits with cake batter from the floor and squeezed her breasts together then began thrusting my cock between them. Two other grannies came from behind me and began feeling up the front of my muscular body with their withered hands in a sensual yet maternal manner. Another took the handle of a plastic rolling pin and began to insert it in my asshole. "I'm not ready for that yet", I told her but she reassured me everything would be okay so I loosened up my ass muscles and let her continue while I pumped my cock through the elderly titties before me.

I was getting too excited so it was time to move onto something a little different. I pulled the dentures from the mouth of the grandma whose tits I had been fucking and placed my balls in her mouth. I pointed at the black granny then pointed at my dick and she leaned down and started sucking. I reached over and began reaching down the dress of one granny and into the pants of another to begin stimulating their clits and watching the amusement show on their faces. They probably haven't felt this alive since the end of The Great Depression...

I shifted my legs and moved away from those woman and toward the wilting old Indian woman. I thrust her on her belly and pull off her black slacks by standing up and pulling the legs of her pants from the cuffs and tugging until they come off. This wasn't very gentle but she really liked it rough and was wearing crotchless pantyhose underneath. I lept on her and used some cherry pie filler from the floor to lubricate my cock as I slowly inserted it into her granny asshole. I remain on my knees but almost in a push-up position and each thrust I see her saggy boobs contract and expand as they touch the floor. I pound a little harder but she seems to enjoy the attention from the other rest home warriors cheering her on and I nibble on her earlobe at the same time.

Soon the women form a pantyless lesbionic circle and surrounded us as they ate each other's pussies while I made the indian granny moan, pounding my throbbing cock into her anal g-spot with cherry pie filler still all over my balls. I took my cock out for a minute and have her lick it off then I flipped her over and began fucking her pussy missionary style while we are surrounded by several elderly women covered in batter and pie crust eating each other's pussies. With every pump of my pelvis, I heard a crackling noise and I know it's her back, years of tight muscles she had been seeing a chiropractor for years for are now relieved and she's back moving more fluidly than she has in probably 40+ years. I see the other women have got off the floor and are assembling in a line, standing up against their motorchairs with their legs spread apart slightly beyond shouder width. I pulled my cock out of the Indian granny's twat and fucked her wrinkly feet for a couple minutes while they all got into position.

I stood up and went straight for the ass of the black granny and pulled her by the ears back into my groin. She moaned and told me to fuck her harder so I did for a few thrusts then pulled out and precummed a little bit more then managed to somehow keep it in once more by looking up at a picture on the wall of the dead husband of the elderly woman whose house we were all fornicating in. He looked like Andy Rooney and my cum retracted again.

I moved on to the next lady but she had fallen asleep so I moved on to the one who followed her. This time the old Indian lady licked my balls from behind while I fucked the wrinkly old bag before me. Even the pic of the dude looking like Andy Rooney on the wall wasn't going to hold my massive building load in much longer. I pull it out and it was time for the old woman who started this beautiful mess to get what she has cumming to her. I turn her around and flip the arms of the Hoveround up and put her on her back. I rip her pearl necklace off and throw it at her dead husband's picture on the wall and yell; "YOU SEE THIS? THIS IS MY BITCH NOW!!!" I threw her legs covered by her support hose and cake batter over my shoulders and again begin to quickly pound the old woman's ass whose anal interior I have become quickly acquainted with over the last week. I pounded faster and the old women cheered and clapped as they knew it's the finale. I pump her ass faster and faster as I continue to swear at her dead husband's picture, like he's looking down upon us from the grave in disapproval while I brutalized his living wife's ass to her pleasure. She began moaning so loudly that even her neighbors would hear and my eyes closed as I fele the hole of my cock squirming and the juices began to rise.

I pulled out and the worn out grannies got on their knees and opened their mouths like a baby bird waiting to be fed a worm from it's momma in the nest. It certainly was feeding time and my load erupted so hard that it went over the lady's head that was closest to me but as it flowed out like lava from a volcano, I made sure she got some as well as every other batter-covered grandma who contributed to this wonderful adventure, I even opened the jaw of the one who fell asleep while standing up to be ass fucked and gave her a little. Apparently she had low blood sugar so it may have saved her life.

After it was clear that I could cum no more, I fell back as my adrenalin stopped suddenly and I needed to rest. The old ladies came to my aid with their nurturing hands and cuddled with me on the floor, some licking the cum off eachother and one licking the remaining pie filler from the black granny's asshole. Thing's calmed down after that and they all piled next to me while we took a nap, one giving me a reach around from behind, resting her chin on my neck.

I woke up and three of the ladies had died who were cuddled on the cake batter covered floor were blue and not moving. I stood up and immediately peed on all of them. I then grabbed my boxers and rode one of the dead chicks' Hoveround home, stopping for an Egg McMuffin at the McDonald's drive through on the way.

About 3 weeks later, I passed by the elderly lady's house on my bike and saw a moving truck outside. I approach the front door where I'm met by a busty 35-ish red-head with glasses looking like a clone of Sarah Palin. I ask what happened to the nice old lady that lived there and the lady introduces herself as the old lady's granddaughter and explains she's helping her mother move into a resthome and I see her approaching from the other room on her Hoveround. She leaned in and licks my cheek and puts her hand on my left peck but I walk right past her and start frenching her mom.

The granddaughter seemed horrified at first to see me leaning down to stick my tongue into her 80+ year old grandmother's mouth and even moreso when the elderly lady reached over and fondled my balls through the outside of my Levi's. She saw I was no threat to her grandma because the affection was mutual between us so she looked at her grandmother in a proud way and went back outside to help the movers.

The elderly woman told me her granddaughter came over shortly after I had fucked her and her friends and the house was in such disarray with a dead body on the floor so she assumed there was a violent robbery then decided it would be best to send her to a retirement home. She also told me her name was Edna and expected me to call her by her name when we next fucked. I asked when that would happen and she unzipped my pants and jacked me off with her wrinkly hand into her styrofoam cup of coffee then took a sip from it. I said "Oh Edna..." then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. She handed me a card with the address of the retirement home she would be living in and asked me to stop by.

I then went outside to leave and the MILF granddaughter was sitting in a lawn chair with her legs crossed and arms folded, confused and frustrated as to why I seemingly chose her elderly grandma over her. I bent down and took off one of her flip-flops and stuck her toes in my mouth then licked her foot for a few seconds and smiled as I gently put her foot down. She smiled back and I got on my bike and rode home.

Several weeks pass and I keep the card with the address for Edna's retirement home in my wallet. The corners on the card are wearing down being in my pocket every day and the print is fading like Edna's cardiogram. I decide to pay her a visit and see her new place. I pull up in the parking lot to see approximately 90 to 120 parking spaces with handicapped logos on them so I parked at the church next door and walked through the cemetery to the front door of the rest home. I walk through the automatic door and up to the front desk and told them I was there to see Edna in room 549. She told me I'd need to wait for her to call up to Edna's room to confirm the visit and I should sit in the lobby.

I sat down in the lobby and there was a sad old man in a chair with his walker in front to help him stand up. In an attempt to cheer him up, I asked him if his walker was named "Johnny". "Get it? Johnny Walker"? I asked. The man laughed so hard he died right there. The desk clerk stood up and got on the phone and said nonchalantly; "we've got another dead one in the lobby" then told me Edna was ready to see me and I could go up.

I took the elevator to the 5th floor and make my way to her room. When I knock at Edna's door, I hear a crash. After she opened up the door, I realized the room was so small her Hoveround was crashing into everything but she was very happy to see me, making a point to take off her right orthopedic shoe to show me her bright nail polish and teased me by saying "I know you want it but you'll have to wait, I have to go meet up with the ladies to play Bingo and watch a movie". She told me she does this on a weekly basis and generally speaking, no men are allowed to attend but while I was coming up from the lobby, she called ahead and they made an exception for me. "Bingo and a movie it is", I replied.

I let her lead the way down the hallway in her Hoveround and the whole way to the elevator I'm thinking about her curly-haired wig and how I'd like to stick my throbbing cock through the curls of it. It was my belief that she wanted me to sit there playing Bingo and suffer with blue balls before we go back up to her room and have some freaky dirty nasty time.

We arriced at the cafeteria where we will be playing Bingo and there was also a projection screen for the movie afterward. The room was full of elderly women and they all had pretty serious faces, they were there to make some serious money and were very feisty and clearly competitive.

The room got quiet with exception of a couple oxygen machines and the Bingo caller walked in, it was Edna's busty Sarah Palin look-alike granddaughter! The game was about to begin and the pot was announced as $18.50, apparently all 74 grannies contributed a quarter to the pot. I asked Edna if that was a joke and another stern old lady hit me in the head with her cane and told me to shut up. Bingo was serious business...

Edna's granddaughter didn't really pay me any attention while the game was going on but Edna herself was affectionately rubbing her foot up my pant leg and getting me a little hot and bothered. I looked over into her eyes and behind her cataracts I could tell she was getting pretty horny too. I asked if she wanted to stay for the movie after Bingo or just go back to her room and the lady across the table reached over and hit me with her cane again, right in the fucking ear... I was growing tired of this game.

Suddenly I hear across the room; "BINGO!!!". The pot was awarded to a fat asian lady draped in a moo moo. Edna's granddaughter said aloud "This concludes our Bingo game and now it's time for the evening's movie." I asked Edna if there is normally a couple games of Bingo and the stern lady across the table leaned forward at the table and just when I braced for another vicious swipe of her cane, she said; "Not tonight..." then sat back in her chair.

The old ladies got up for a couple minutes and got some refreshments at the cafeteria counter and then suddenly the lights dimmed in the room of 70+ elderly women with seemingly no purpose in life other than to meet weekly for Bingo, I was a little saddened to see so many women sitting in a room basically lifeless passing time waiting to take their last breath and leave this room. I was kinda spacing out in that train of thought when Edna jammed her hand down my pants and told me I'd really like this movie. Whatever.

The projector turned on and the movie began to play, it was the into to "The Sound of Music". I rolled my eyes as the movie began to play but Edna's hand in my pants was at least mildly amusing, even if her knuckles were cracking and I could tell her arthritis was bothering her. I heard a chair pull up behind me and it's Edna's granddaughter and she reaches her arms around me from behind and nibbles on my ear and whispers "You're really going to like this movie"...

Suddenly, the movie stops and the projection screen turns white, like the VHS tape broke. The room echoed the dismay of 70+ elderly women who seemed very intent on watching the movie, even if they've seen the film over 40 times but are too senile to remember. Edna began playing with the tip of my cock and I was beginning to get pretty hard then her granddaughter whispers; "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back", then bit me on the shoulder before getting up and walking to the TV.

She sliped in another tape and sat back down behind me, kissed the back of my neck with her left arm around my front and reached in front of me with the remote control and presses play. I couldn't believe what came on the screen, I could not fucking believe it. Apparently, Edna's granddaughter was so concerned about her grandma that she installed nanny cams all over the house so she would be able to remotely see if Edna had fallen or if there was a problem. The whole Orgy from Edna's house in her kitchen with all her friends was recorded and now playing in the cafeteria.

The ladies in the room simultaneously looked in my direction and one even stood up and lifted her skirt and masturbated to the movie. I can't say she was masturbating to the movie because she was also masturbating in front of the building when I was walking in and talking in some foreign tongue about Spartacus, stupid crazy senile bitch...

Anyway, there was not a granny in the room who didn't react in some way, I thought the general reaction was going to be disgust but it wasn't. I thought the old ladies would walk out in embarrassment, they didn't. They were fascinated by me, possibly because most men my age dismiss them and don't pay them any attention and they need TLC more than ever now that they were too old to care for themselves. The room came alive and ladies who claimed paralysis before were standing up from their Hoverounds and ripping off their blouses, exposing their sagging deflated mammories and shaking them like a 19 year old on spring break in a "Girls Gone Wild" video. I was in awe of what I was seeing before me and highly distracted because Edna's granddaughter managed to handcuff me to the table without noticing.

I wasn't in a controlled environment and now a bunch of horny elderly women wanted a piece of me. Edna's granddaughter pulled my chair away and I instinctively stood up then Edna and her granddaughter pulled my jeans down around my ankles and yelled to the elderlies; "Get in your places, you know what to do next, just like we practiced". They begin transforming the room, using the power of their Hoverounds to push the tables against the wall. They then formed a circle that looped around the room several times, kind of an assembly line to me.

Edna's granddaughter pulls out some whipped cream, hershey chocolate syrup and caramel and yells; "choose quickly, remember you only get 7 seconds with him then you have to get back in line". The first elderly in line says, "Chocolate!" and Edna's granddaughter dipped my cock in chocolate syrup and the elderly lady pulled up and sucked it off for 10 seconds and the next lady asked for caramel and did the same thing. The third lady sucked whipped cream out of my asshole and to this day I'm still trying to get all of that out.

The line continued and the wheels were leaving trackmarks on the marble tiled floor because the old decrepit ladies were accelerating to get to me and stopping so suddenly. One by one the ladies of virtually every nationality were sucking me off or at least licking the head like an old postage stamp and soon Edna's granddaughter stood up on the table I was cuffed to and demanded I eat her pussy. I obliged and imagined I was eating Sarah Palin's pussy because they looked so much alike. She smelled great too which, was a satisfying change from the stale urine smell of some of these ladies. Edna came up and sat on the table but was unable to stand on it like her daughter so I could not eat her pussy. Instead, Edna's granddaughter fingered her and let me taste her fingers, this as getting me really hard, combined with the old ladies taking turns sucking me off and playing with my balls with various desert condiments on them.

Edna's granddaughter laid back on the table next to Edna and began rubbing her stocking feet on my chest while Edna put her toes in my mouth. Without warning, I blew my load down an old lady's throat and she choked on it a little before cleaning the rest off my cock with her tongue. I was in heaven and still horny but I tried to rest for a minute and recoup by leaning on the table when an old lady jumped from her Hoveround with a bottle of Viagra and popped several pills in my mouth while Edna's granddaughter held my arms back. I coughed and kinda choked on them for a second then swallowed. Within a few minutes, I was back in the game...hardcore.

Nobody was on the table so I made my move and lifted the table off the ground and ran the handcuff down the leg of the table and got loose. I then took the lose cuff and put it on the same wrist as the current cuff attached to me so they couldn't trap my by this means again.

I then stood up on another table and yelled to get their attention; "Hey you horny old bitches, you want this cum then you had better earn it. I want every one of you to pick a partner in this room and help her stand up and lean against a table, it's my turn... You understand"? They politely nodded and began following the instructions except for the lady who was masturbating in the beginning, she was pushing brussel sprout up her ass and pushing them back out and crying "No Johnny NO!!!" Johnny must've been the son she had aborted when she was young idk but it was kinda hot.

With the ladies standing in a line facing the cafeteria tables, I began pounding their granny asses one by one and having the partner they chose lick my balls from their Hoveround from behind. This worked well for the first 7 or 8 ladies but they wanted it too bad and quickly took control back from me and I found myself on the floor on my back, being held down by a bunch of grannies and one of them put their dentures on my chest and I about blew my load but was somehow able to hold it in.

Edna approached and a few of her elderly friends hoisted her up so she was squatting over my face and her Palin-looking granddaughter sat between my legs and started fucking me with her feet while I ate her grandma's pussy. The old indian lady whose dentures were on my chest was rubbing her hands on my pecks then putting her false teeth back in then rubbing them on my chest again. It was too much for me and I blew a load like Old Faithful all over Edna's granddaughter's stockings. The Viagra is still working hard and I was still ready for more and broke free from the eldery ladies and leaped on a black lady and just started pounding her missionary style. Her wig fell off and her glasses were fogging up as I pumped her hard and fast with my tongue halfway down her throat. A little bit of precum leaked inside her but I pulled away before I it was too late. I looked up to see elderly chicks were fucking each other with porcelain Jesus statuettes that were on the tables from an earlier bible study class.

Edna's granddaughter grabbed their month supply of Cool Whip from the cafeteria kitchen,along with the rest of the chocolate syrup that was in what looked to be gallon paint cans and threw it all around us on the floor. Soon there were 70+ senile old bags with little life left in them, crawling and sliding all over the chocolate covered floor in search of my cum, much like a zombie looking for brains. They would get to me, sped a few seconds with me then another old lady would grab her by the legs and slide her away on the slippery floor so she could spend some time mounted on my cock like a joyous pony ride. Mascara and pancake makeup is dripping down on me with their sweat and naked grannies are doing doughnuts around us in their Hoverounds and sliding into each other in a perverted game of bumper cars.

Pretty soon the women stopped because they were exhausted and simply laid there and waited for me to come to them or talk dirty to me to entice me over to a group of 4 or five of them and we would fuck in various positions and I'd pull out to cum in another granny's mouth. In one instance, we played a game of musical cock where they would line up on their knees and I would stick my cock in their mouth for just a second, one by one until the music stopped, then I'd stick it in the granny's mouth in front of me until I came.

After cumming 9 or 10 times, popping viagra pills wasn't doing it for me anymore and I was worn down beyond measure, I didn't know if I'd even survive. Just when I didn't think I have enough energy to even breathe, Edna's granddaughter stands against a table with her legs spread and says "Doncha know I want one more load Mister?" in a perfect Palin voice. I crawl to her on hands and knees and feel my hear pounding as every bit of energy in my body is spent and spend almost 5 minutes grabbing her first by the ankles and pulling myself up so I could mount her ass like an Appaloosa. I get up in position and realize this may be my very last act on earth so I might as well make it count and put my cock right in her tight asshole. I just keep it there for about 2 minutes before I start pumping or anything. I begin thrusting my hips toward her and it got easier and easier with every push. She looks back at me and blows me kisses as I pound her ass and I soon feel Edna playing with my balls from behind, she's essentially pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her granddaughter with her motions guiding my dick with her grip of my balls and I'm starting to get worked up once more.

With every push, I get a little closer and I breathe a little harder. Edna's granddaughter then lays on her back and I fuck her ass missionary style, slow and steady, the lubrication from Edna licking my shaft from behind as it enters her granddaughter is just fantastic. All the other 70+ chocolate/whip cream/cum covered grandma's gather around us on their Hoverounds to watch and hear the sound of our music with great excitement, some even began to cheer and clap in rhythm, creating a moment much like in Karate Kid 3 when Mr. Miyagi started shaking that chinese rattle for "Danielson" to get up and keep fighting. These old elderly bags who were virtually at death's door were impressed and at least that night they had something truly rewarding to live for, other than their normal payout of $18.50 from Bingo.

The echoes of the synchronized clapping was almost deafening at this point as I was thrusting it into Edna's granddaughter's ass as she looked at me with moaned in a genuine orgasm and trembled with her stocking feet planted on my face as I pump. The granddaughter can't take much more and began clawing my chest with her beautifully painted fire engine red fingernails and yelling "Stop!. No, fuck me!" over and over as I pumped fast and furious, I could feel my pulse on the head of my cock because it was throbbing so much and Edna was fondling my balls again and with one last hard push, I pulled out my cock, stick it between Edna's Palin-looking granddaughter's beautiful stocking feet and placeed the tip right in Edna's mouth, exploding with the biggest load of cum I've ever witnessed and she tried to swallow it all but could only swallow some of it then spit the rest of it on her granddaughter's feet. The granddaughter licked it off her feet as I fall to the floor from exhaustion. My last memory of that night was of the crowd of 70+ elderlies cheering for me as if I had just won the gold in the Olympics. I woke up a week later in the hospital next door that treats all the elderly women from the retirement home.

It took almost a week to completely come too, amino acid treatments and IV's kept me from following the light to death's door. Soon I was walking again and able to converse with staff, who were more accustomed to comforting those who are about to die, rather than healing someone close to death and rejuvenating them back to health. I was the youngest patient in the building by over 25 years so I was pretty much the topic of discussion at the watercooler, so to speak. The story of my geriatric fuckfest spread faster than chlamydia at a house of ill repute and sometimes in the middle of the night, I'd wake up and there would be a female patient standing over my bedside rubbing her vagina on my hand and sometimes squirting a little.

It was determined by the staff, as well as my physician, it would be best if I stay another week under observation. I didn't know or understand their intentions but I was getting 3 square meals a day, my insurance covered everything and they were taking good care of me so they wrote a letter to my employer excusing me from work so I just laid back and allowed myself to recuperate.

The next day, a black busty nurse in her late 50's arrives in my room around 7:30am and sets a container down beside my bed with a sponge and soapy water. She pulled the sheet back and exposed my naked body, seeing that my pubic hair hasn't been trimmed in over a week and there is a forest there because I didn't feel like fucking anyone and I needed to protect my sperm which was practically on the endangered species list after the last excursion of lust. She pulled out a small electric razor and went to work. She spend almost 2 straight minutes down there and lifted my penis in just about every angle possible to shave off every last follicle from my wasteline to my asshole. At this point in time, I didn't have much interest and I wasn't even sporting wood, even though she was rather attractive for her age. I asked her why she was being so thorough and she tilted the head of my cock towards my like a sundial clock and at this time it was high noon. She smiled and leaned forward, giving my balls a quick lick and left some red lipstick where her lower lip lightly grazed my sack. "I have a high standard when it comes to my work", she said. "From the time I was a little girl and my dad worked for Henry Ford on the assembly lines, I learned you need to reach for perfection in whatever profession you chose".

She then reached into the container of soapy water and lightly squeezed the sponge then placed it on my abdominal area. She began rubbing the sponge over my body then went back to licking my balls while continuing in this most perverted bath. For the first time in over two weeks, my cock became hard and I began to see a glimmer of hope, but I didn't feel ready to fuck just yet, I was just curious as to what she was going to do next. "AAAH!!" I yelped as she stuck a finger up my ass and stroked the skin under my balls with her thumb as she continued to lick them.

I was now hard as a rock, just scared of what might happen if I cum when I'm so weak. She took her other hand off the sponge and began to quickly stroke my cock and I could feel it building, my hot white lava couldn't be contained much longer. She stroked and stroked her soapy hand up and down my shaft and it was too late to stop. I start squirming and she knows I'm about to erupt. She immediately took her finger out of my ass and used it to squeeze my balls and she squeezed the head of my cock with the other. Just when I thought I was about to shoot a load high enough to hit the ceiling and knock out the incandescent lightbulb, she stuck her tongue firmly in my dick hole and prevented the cum from leaving. It was painful to say the least but the way she did it, I felt like I was in heaven. "You're almost ready" she replied, then picked up her soapy container then left the room without saying another word.

I could then see there was a design in place for me, the staff had a kinky hidden agenda. They knew if they could only get me hot and bothered enough, I would make all their wrinkly fantasies come true.

A few more days pass and I was looking forward to leaving the elderly hospital, I was feeling strong enough that I could overpower the staff and escape if I needed to. Suddenly I heard a rumble in the hallway approaching my door. The doorknob jiggles and the door opens and it's Edna on her Hoveround. We had a pleasant conversation and she invited me to go downstairs for the Sunday service in the church that was connected to the hospital. I agreed, I needed some spiritual guidance to get myself out of this mess.

I got dressed and she walked me down to the church, just as service was starting. The church was catholic but the priest was an non-ordained female whose sermons weren't very preachy at all. She spoke about the golden rule and the basic principles we live by that allow us to have a loving relationship with God. Just as the service was about to end, she asked for the congregation who was suspiciously 100% geriatric female, to stand up and have a look in my direction. The priestess told the story of my epic orgy in the bingo hall to everyone, but in a different light than my recollection. She told it in a romantic light and asserted that my cum had holy healing properties that healed the arthritic conditions of one lady, cured the cataracts of another when cum got in her eyes and suddenly two women were no longer wheel chair bound.

All the women in the room, including the 4 nuns, began licking their lips and some made sexual gestures, like a 90+ year old who stuck her two finger up and put her tongue between them. I got up and started running upstairs to get my forgotten wallet out of my room, running as fast as I could up 5 flights. As I approached my room, I'm sweating and getting out of breath.

Suddenly, I heard a ding in front of me and the lights went out in the halls. It's completely black and I couldn't even see a foot in front of me. The doors of the elevator opened and the lights inside illuminated their bushy hairstyles that died in the 50's, along with their dignity. Something was about to happen, we all knew it. I stared them down and they were staring back, much like they were preparing for a duel in the wild west. I thought one of the women was trying to signal with sign language to another but she was actually simulating a blowjob by shaking her fist near her mouth and pressing her tongue against her cheek.

I turned and bolted back toward the door that would take me back downstairs but just as I approached, I heard the door lock and a nun looked through the small window panel of the door and smiled. I pounded the door and pleaded for her to open it but she had no sympathy and instead she licked the window close to my face. "Let's get him!" the geriatric army of 7 yelled and sped their Hoverounds toward me. Many other elderly chicks come out of their rooms and approached walking behind them. Suddenly I feel like the chick at the end of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video when the zombies are approaching her in the house and there is nowhere for her to go, only the zombies are living women about 2 years from death and are chanting "Cum" instead of "Brains".

There is no direction I could go but up so I jumped upward and grab a hanging waterpipe and swung my legs to build some momentum then I thrusted myself over to the top of the receptionist desk. Those Hoverounds are something else, the grannies have already changed direction so they really have no weakness, I couldn't out maneuver them and I couldn't outrun them with no place to go. The ladies gathered around the receptionist desk and even though they couldn't quite reach my legs due to the depth of the counter, it didn't stop them from trying. Others began exposing themselves and one lady who was paralyzed from the waste up was being masturbated by a nun with a crucifix dildo. There was no escape. I thought I'd probably die but I might as well go out fucking.

I shrug my shoulders and drop my pants then sit down on the counter with my legs hanging over. Immediately there was a sound that sounded much like applause but was actually the plastic containers that house their dentures as they took them out of their mouths and put them away. They wanted my man-gravy and it appeared I didn't have a choice but to dispense it for them. The first granny made a grab and put the head of my cock between her gums and looked at the other women in a way that would make them jealous. My dick was pretty hard and I could no longer fight my nature to fuck everything that consented. I told her to stroke my balls a little when she did it and that she could use a little more tongue, she felt a little put down by that because she was trying to be a show off. She started paying more attention to pleasing me and less on trying to get attention for herself and started sucking me pretty good.

The "cum vein" on my shaft began pulsating and I knew I was about to ejaculate. Disappointingly, the lady once more turns to the other women and taunts them. I pull the wig right off her and cummed all over her bald head then put the wig back in place. Pwned.

I quickly jumped back up on the counter then lept over two Hoverounds and ran to the elevator, the door closed just in time and I made my way down to the next floor. I took a step out of the elevator and before I even knew what happened, two nuns from the church have handcuffed each of my arms and the other end of the cuffs were attached to their arm. I'm extremely horny at this point, I want to cum again but resent the use of force just because she thinks my cum will cure her sore throat using the power of Christ. I consent in premise to allow them to have their way with me. Those nun robes were turning me on and I was getting hot and bothered again. I grabed the wrist of one of the nuns and twist it so she goes down on her knees. I looked down at my cock and asked if she wants it and she said "yes, please".

She received my dick like a communion wafer and kept her tongue out while I thrusted myself in and out of her mouth. The other nun felt left out and I ask if she wanted some and she noded so I told her to reach over and grab the chair and sit down. "Take your shoes off baby", I said. "Put them under my balls and I'll give you a present." She complied and now her stocking feet were nestled under my shaven testicles while my dick was going in and out of the other nun's mouth. She then leaned back and looked up at me, now only licking the skin underneath the head of my dick. "Give me your cum", she whispers and the other nun follows. "Unlock the cuffs and I'll give you not only this load but another", I said.

The cuffs were unlocked and I unleashed a load that covered the pantyhosed feet of one of the nuns, a load that looked like it came from several horses. The other nun began to lick it off, much like a cat licking milk from a dish. Now without any pants on, I bolted down several hallways then entered a random door. The room was full of female seniors but they don't seem surprised to see me, in fact they aren't moving at all. I had stumbled into a ward of comatose patients.

Hours passed and neither nuns nor nurses had found me, yet my cock is still hard. It was time to test my healing gifts on these comatose patients. I decided not to have sex with a woman who hasn't consented so instead I get out an IV bag and sat on the edge of an old raggedy Vietnamese lady's bed and started to jerk off in the bed. It just wasn't enough, I was horny but I needed something more to finish so I placed my hand up her hospital gown and felt up her saggy bags while I jerked with the other hand. The quiet sound of life support machines and ventilator machines created enough white noise so I could concentrate and not think about the army of grannies who were looking for me.

I came inside the bag. It was only about 3 ounces this time but I wanted to see if there was any truth to the priestesses assertion. I disconnected the Vietnamese lady's IV bag and replaced it with the one I ejaculated in. I stood there for a moment then said "meh" and reached for the other IV drip. I only took my eyes off her for a brief moment then I hear a deep gasp for air. She's alive! Her fingers began to move and her toes began to twitch. I now believed... I had lives to save and my savory semen was going to heal as many as my body could handle. I knew I might lose my life doing it but I would have saved many helpless elderly women that perhaps I could reconcile my relationship with the lord and be forgiven.

I had to be smart about this. I pushed the gurneys and life support equipment so that all the patient's heads were facing each other, forming a circle of hospital beds and I placed a stool in the middle. I need to act quickly so I pulled up the gown of the squirming Vietnamese lady and throw her feet over my shoulders and begin pounding her butthole. Her squirming convulsions were driving me crazy, much like the feel of fucking a chicken then slamming it's head in the door real fast. Within about 30 seconds, I was feeling my balls tighten up and retracting and I knew my semen serum was on the way to aid these poor ladies and perhaps one day recognize their families and get some cognitive function back. I got up from the gurney and stood on the stool.

I leaned back with a smile on my face and let the ooze climb up my shaft. "Help is here ladies" I said, then leaned over each lady and ejaculated on each of their lips as I spun around the stool. The reaction was almost immediate and they began waking up one by one. My work was done here.

As I was leaving the room, I spotted a doctor's coat and it had a name badge on it. I then had credentials. I left the room and went to another. "What seems to be ailing you Ms... Rupenstein"? "My hemorrhoids are flaring up again doctor, they're really painful", she said. "I have just the cure for you" I responded and blew her a kiss. "Just take two of these and call me in the morning". I approached her bed, got on it and put my balls in her mouth. She smiled the best she could and I replied "See, that's just what the doctor ordered".

I reached down and grabbed the control for the bed and lowered it so she was now laying down, rather than the sitting positions. I laid beside her and bed and positioned her on her side. I lifted her hospital gown and hoisted her leg in the air and rested it on my knee then began to spoon her in the ass. "Trust me" I said, then leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "You'll be healed by this, you'll live much longer and be able to run around with your grand-kids again. She loosened up a little and I could then pump steadily. As a matter of physical fitness, I looked over at her heart-rate on the machine and tried to pump faster than it. It was almost a useless attempt, it was kinda like a stair climbing machine at the gym that goes a little faster as soon as you get comfortable. I then helped her get on her stomach, it was important to make certain the hemorrhoids were covered with my manly ointment so I helped her get her but in the air as her chin rested on her pillow. Much like a beverly hillbilly, only striking white gold, I dropped a sticky load in her ass. "Remarkable" she said. "The pain is gone! MY hemorrhoids are gone!"

I made my way from room to room, spilling my coconut juice in the orafice that would most likely cure the ailment of every granny in the building. Everything was going great until I walked into the gymnasium/basketball court of the hospital , which connected it to the retirement home.

Suddenly a net dropped on my head and I was trapped. I struggled to try and free myself but as I did, I only seemed to be more entangled in it. I heard a noise and turned over to my side and the sound of squeaking wheels of Hoverounds on the gym floor was almost deafening. Edna was leading the pack of 50 or so grannies parked in a pattern that surrounded me and formed a perfect pentacle, I'm sure of it.

"Edna, don't you realize that I can't heal you all in one day? Can't you wait a few days until I can give you some more?" "No," she replied. "The first time we fucked, you cured my diabetes and you've cured a different ailment every time thereafter. The only thing left is my broken heart, my heart aches because my granddaughter doesn't have a husband to come home to at night. She looks almost just like Sarah Palin, what the hell is wrong with you young hipsters, her real name is even Sarah!", she added. "You'll either marry my daughter or you'll die right there where you lay". I was already feeling much like I did before I passed out in the bingo parlor after giving one last load to said granddaughter. "But Edna, if my cum is so holistic then why did that friend die at your house?", I asked. "P.P. Douglas, there are loopholes in just about every story so shut the fuck up and marry my daughter", she replied. I was going to die if I didn't stop and I knew it. I knew I had to say yes to but myself some time because weddings take time to plan and I could get the fuck out of the city.

"Sure, I'll marry your beautiful daughter, when's the ceremony, next weekend would be great for me." I said. She looked at me sternly and responded, "That won't be necessary young man..." A gymnasium door opens and Sarah enters the door, in her wedding gown, followed by the priestess. She looked amazing but I really need to get free from this crazy situation. All I wanted to do is fuck Edna in her kitchen like old times and now I'm being forced to marry a chick I don't really know.

Three nuns walked into the gym, carrying a role of red carpet and quickly unraveled it. The Hoverounds made great makeshift pews and they all took position as the priestess walked to the end of the carpet where the vows would take place. Sarah took the net off my naked body and handed me a bow tie to wear.

"Here comes the bride" begins playing over the gymnasium speakers and Sarah begins making her way to the front where the priestess is standing. Made my way up to the front shortly after putting on the bow tie. "I don't have a ring for you yet", I said. "That's okay, this was short notice", she replied then reached over with her white laced gove hand and started playing with my cock between her fingers. I was almost not able to stand from all the cum I had lost while healing those old bags yet I was still aroused. One way or another, this wasn't going to end in my favor. I was either going to be a slave to Edna's granddaughter Sarah for eternity or I was going to be killed by a stampede of Hoverounds.

We made our vows and her hand guided me by my cock down the aisle. Instead of rice, the old ladies masturbated and squirted all over us as we walked by. The Hoverounds served as battleships, launching liquid missiles from afar in a celebratory moment Sarah has probably wished for all her life.

We were lead into the very same cafeteria in the retirement home that I last fucked nearly died fucking nearly 70 women on bingo night. The reception was already set, complete with a a beautiful champagne fountain made almost completely of beautiful womens' open toe high heels. Sarah's mom stood up and said a few words about how happy she was that Sarah had found a man. I could barely sit up in my chair from exhaustion, Sarah kept nudging me to stay awake and had my cock between her index and middle fingers while stroking the head a little with her thumb.

It was time to cut the cake. Still naked, I got the aid of the four nuns to help stand me up and get me to the cake. We got up to the cake and there was one chair available that I thought was for me but Sarah sat in it. She took her beautiful stocking feet out of her open toe heeled shoes and held them up near my face. I could feel the heat from them and it was intoxicating, I wanted to them on my cock right then, at any expense to my health. She stuck her feet right on top of the cake, planting her heels right in the icing. The four nuns came behind me and each put a hand on my cock and balls, grabbing from behind. The nuns playfully stroked me for a brief moment then one of them started licking my balls from behind and one was licking my nipple as I looked down and stared at Sarah's warm stocking feet laying in the cake icing.

The nuns continued stroking me and Sarah leaned forward and licked the tip of my dick. I was not going to maintain consciousness after blowing this load but there was no turning back now, I wanted to cum on her feet more than anything and I knew that if my cum leaked on the cake that the elderly women who consumed it would live stronger healthier lives because of it's holistic properties. The nuns that had my balls in her mouth started humming a gospel song and the nuns began singing the words aloud as they looked at me and jerked me off. Sarah is loving the ecstasy she sees on my face, she is validated only by my happiness and begins making naughty faces at me and smiling and telling me to let it all out. My belly was convulsing and I could barely stand any longer but I lean forward and scream as I blow my biggest load ever all over the cake but missing Sarah's feet by quite a bit. I fell to the ground almost instantly afterward and Sarah stuck her toes deep inside the cake where my cum didn't touch then stuck them in my mouth. That was my last memory of what happened, I was pronounced dead on the scene by a deaf elderly nurse with a stethoscope and moved straight to the morgue.

The End?