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you're just young and dumb you still have time and at least youndidmt go to lisa's house
Post: actual insane people we have posting here these people are not gimmicks, they are actually nuts
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and last but certainly not least is plug drugs who out of this entire bunch is prob the most sane, his brain is not entirely rotted out from massive amount's of pain killers, but it's pretty fucking close, he thinks some days he can bend space and time with his mind, and that playing dota2 is fun.
yeah but when i get into those mindsets, i'm usually not sober for one and ill admit that its not actually happening, its not like im running around in public screaming at people thinking i can bend things with my mind or something. And I don't think I can bend space and time with my mind I start to question things in my own head and the whole notion of 'reality' begins to unravel very badly